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  • Medifast embraces Fitbit activity-trackers

    Medifast embraces Fitbit activity-trackers

    The diet business sure isn’t what it used to be. Back in 1980, when Owings Mills-based Medifast Inc. was founded, who would have thought the weight-loss company would end up scrambling to partner with a bracelet manufacturer?

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Barry Rosen and Jonathan Montgomery: How much may health regulators regulate?

Federal courts are putting state health regulators in a box with no exits.

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Joe Surkiewicz: MSPB finds lawyers for invisible populations

The Eastern Shore of Maryland consists of nine rural and bucolic counties and is home to less than one percent of the state’s lawyers. Yet the demand for civil legal services to help low-income people is high, especially with the recession and high unemployment.

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Realites of Real Estate: Real estate world throws changeups

The world of real estate is constantly evolving, and even though it’s been over eight years since the bubble burst, we’re still feeling the impact of that event as changes to the system continue to ripple through the industry.

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William T. Wood: Need to see new UMUC

This is a pivotal moment for University of Maryland University College — an opportunity for this historically innovative institution to once again step forward and lead in a time of uncertainty and change.

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