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Donald C. Fry: Is climate change for business ahead?

Three years ago, a report issued by business leaders at the Greater Baltimore Committee noted a “disconnect” between the private sector and many government leaders over the issue of Maryland’s business climate.

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C. Fraser Smith: Candidates talk to … not you

Sniping, snarky, negative campaigns are a turn-off for many voters. But strategists insist they work: Mudslingers win.

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Marquett Smith: Domestic violence doesn’t stay home

Every year, October marks a month-long awareness campaign, led primarily by advocates and survivors, on the impact of domestic violence on families, communities and workplaces.

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Bookworm: Do machines run us?

Your email is down. Again. It’s been that way on and off for a month now, and it’s driving you to distraction — literally. You check it every five minutes, ever hopeful, and you’ve called IT so many times, they’re probably avoiding you. It’s up. It’s down.

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