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William T. Wood: Need to see new UMUC

This is a pivotal moment for University of Maryland University College — an opportunity for this historically innovative institution to once again step forward and lead in a time of uncertainty and change.

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C. Fraser Smith: Do negatives add up to positive?

What do we make of the new gold and blue political signs sprouting all over Baltimore?

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Megan McArdle: Does maglev make sense?

It’s hard to see how to develop the Northeast Corridor without building more mass transit. Air travel — well, I don’t need to tell you what air travel is like these days.

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Jack L.B. Gohn: Secession; The right that can be wrong

Secession and the prospects of secession have been much in the news. Eastern Ukraine, ISIS, and Scotland, to name three, are areas where there have been efforts to partition out a new country from an old one, or, in the case of ISIS, from two of them.

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