Steak-umm is O’s official burger

If you’re hankering for a hamburger at Camden Yards this spring, you’ll only have one choice: a Steak-umm Burger.

The new burgers, manufactured by Reading, Pa.-based Steak-umm Company LLC, are now the official hamburgers of the home team. They will be “the exclusive burger served at Oriole Park’s concession stands during the season.”

And if you can’t wait until the start of the season to try one, just check your grocery store’s freezer aisle.

From the BusinessWire release today:

“This affiliation with the Orioles is a great way for us to introduce our newest product to the public. It gives fans a great burger to eat at the ballpark, and it gives us excellent brand visibility,” said Sergei Szortyka, President of Steak-umm Company.

“People have known us for our sandwich steaks for years, and now they’ll get the message that we’re in the burger business too.”

Steak-umm may have the official designation, but they can’t buy the loyalty of fans of Boog‘s Barbecue. Check out this review.


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  1. I tried frozen Steak-Umm Burgers with Sweet Onions at home for the first time on 12 Dec. 08. I pan fried two of them, well past the suggested 11 minutes per side, to try and get them well-done. They were atrocious. Despite all the pan frying, they tasted exactly like rubbery salisbury steak to me — if you were to rinse off the brown sauce. What on earth was Steak-Umm thinking with this, mixing in onions with beef chuck? Steak-Umm burgers also come plain and with cheese mixed in with the beef chuck, though I won’t be trying either of them. Has anyone else actually eaten a Steak-umm burger, at home or Camden Yards???

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