Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Is getting mad at work only for men?

In 2006, I worked at a small publishing company with a female production manager who would often get visibly annoyed with fast-approaching deadlines. On a couple of occasions, she dropped a few four letter words with our boss present. And, ...

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Associate exodus: What’s really going on?

Caryn Tamber’s story on associate retention has drawn some interesting comment on the ABA Journal’s Web site, where Martha Neil briefed it (and where, as of this afternoon, it’s at the top of the most-read stories list). Here’s “Chicago 2L,” ...

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Md. firm owns 90% stake in heparin maker

With lawyers lining up potential class action lawsuits over a contaminated blood-thinning medicine that has been linked to more than 80 deaths, American Capital Strategies Ltd., a Bethesda-based buyout firm, finds itself with a 90 percent stake in the company the Food and Drug Administration has blamed for producing the contaminated material.

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