Daily Archives: April 25, 2008

In Rockville, business is just peachy

Rockville businesses say their immediate future looks bright, despite the uncertain economy. The business community just wrapped up its third annual Rockville Business Appreciation Week – when, apparently, businesses were celebrated by being polled on their economic outlook. According to ...

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A new tool for med-mal cases?

Autopsies are far from routine, but a new technology could change that, according to a health blurb on WYPR’s “Maryland Morning” today. CT autopsies are less expensive than surgical autopsies, take next to no time and involve no mutilation of ...

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Celebrate bay’s bounty

One of the biggest, long-standing seafood feasts, the Maryland Seafood Festival, is canceled this year, but there are still many opportunities to plunge into a pile of crabs, slurp fresh oysters and savor a filet of rockfish.

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