Daily Archives: May 8, 2009

Equality, Sex and Gender

Feminist author Marilyn French, whose 1977 novel The Women’s Room added fuel to the fire of the Equal Rights Movement, died this month. French’s death, coupled with speculation that President Obama will name a woman to succeed retiring Supreme Court ...

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A sign of the housing market times

This comes via the finance blog Calcutated Risk. A developer in Victorville, an eastern suburb of Los Angeles, has paid to demolish a bunch of model homes that were all built, or at least almost-built, but never occupied. The city ...

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Law-firm layoffs: Should you be afraid?

From the American Lawyer by way of Texas Lawyer comes this short piece on how firms decide which associates to lay off. It’s worth a read, though there’s nothing earth-shattering. David Bario and Drew Combs write: So how are associates ...

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