De Francis Dash Stakes downgraded

In 2010, Maryland will only have two Grade I stakes races. In another display of how the state's quality of racing has declined in recent years (thanks to better competition and bigger purses from our slots-wielding neighbors), the annual Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash has been downgraded to a Grade II race. Now the Preakness ...

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  1. Maryland continues to shoot itself in the foot. The antogonism felt by legislators in Anapolis towards Defrancis ruined any chance of slots legislation moving the industry forward. I remember a Beyer column where Andy stated that Maryland could compete with California, New York and Florida is purses were structured in the manner put forth when slots legislation was first put up for vote.

    Having said that, take the racing form and handicap a poorly financed race card at Laurel or Pimlico. Do the same for the slots rich Delaware Park and tell me where you would rather wager. Maryland will offer fields that are just as big and races that are more formful. Frequent DP winners have 2 for 60 riders, 5 for 100 trainers and horses with 1 win in 14 starts.

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