Mann Bracken ordered to cease collections

Tens of thousands of Maryland debt-collection lawsuits will be dismissed, while the massive collections firm that filed them appears to be collapsing. Maryland District Court Chief Judge Ben Clyburn made the decision to dismiss Mann Bracken LLP’s suits without prejudice. Earlier this month, the firm notified individual District Court clerks that it would shut down ...


  1. OMG, HAPPY NEW YEARS to all of my friends at MANN BRACKEN, LLC! I would like to thank my personal friend Clayton Davis Moseley for giving me my opportunity to HELP (albeit every so small) BRING DOWN this GIANT JUNK DEBT COLLECTION SCHEME call:
    I have posted my little fingers off to get out the word to hundreds of people the address to complain on this FRAUDulant company. I have joined the CLASS Action against them in Minnesota, and now LOOK for a class action against JPMORGAN CHASE BANK who was part of the so called RING OF CROOKS!

  2. Anyone in Maryland with a case pending against them where Mann Bracken were the attorneys for the creditor/debto collector should follow up in the next week or two to make sure that their case was dismissed. Unfortunately, sometimes a case or two falls thru the cracks at the clerk’s office in the courthouses.

    Sonya Smith-Valentine
    Valentine Legal Group, LLC

  3. Elated in Atlanta

    I worked for these sons of b—– for 3 short months. When hired, I was promised a bonus after my 3 month probationary period. When the 3 months were up, of course, they renigged on the offer and I walked out that instant. So glad I did. Talk about karma…

  4. I mailed a payment to the Huntersville, N.C. office -certified, return receipt. I am told by the post office that the mail was forwarded to another address. That the mail was picked up and signed for. However, I have not received the return receipt nor has my check been cashed.
    What’s going on with the N.C. cases?

  5. I also had forwarded my payment to them.It did get there just before tghis Christmas that just passed.So I am not surprised that they are now gone.Just like the previous poster what happens now?And will we get anything back?

  6. I’m in the same boat as George & Myriam. Mailed payment to them, but the check has not been cashed yet. What to do?

  7. I also mailed my January payment into the Huntersville, NC office. My check is still outstanding. Who do I contact to find out about my case? Mann Bracken garnished my 2008 State income tax return. What happens now?

  8. I actually had set up a monthly auto payment with them. I noticed that my December payment had not posted and have been trying to contact them via phone. Phone line gives a busy signal. The office I was dealing with was located in Concord, CA. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I had no idea this had occurred till today when I went looking for another contact number on the web. OMG….Can any one advise?

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