NAACP can see police records

Documents on how the state police handled allegations of racial profiling do not constitute “personnel records” and may be released under the Maryland Public Information Act, the Court of Special Appeals held Tuesday. The decision, made by 10 members of the court instead of the usual three-judge panel, means the NAACP will get access to 10,000 ...

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  1. Interesting that the federal court expressly rejected the NAACP’s need or ability to obtain the same files that the Maryland Court of Special Appeals believed was essential to effectuate the goals of the federal consent decree. HMMM. What’s wrong with that picture. The good news is that now having held that police officer misconduct investigation files are not personnel records, the Judicial Disability Commission files will be equally as available to those who want to know where judges have been disciplined and investigated for allegations of misconduct.

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