Words will never hurt you?

Ohio State law professor Christopher M. Fairman offered his take Sunday about the controversy over the use of the word "retard." Fairman said he would not be signing a petition championed by the Special Olympics to ban the use of "the r-word," which is not surprising considering he is the author of this book. There were ...

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  1. How outrageous that out of the woodwork comes the comparison of glaringly different histories from which to push self-servitude in that Hollywood NOS reflex posture. I’m glad, that with all the issues abounding the disability community, there seems to be time for equivocation and homology. It isn’t a secret that this “n-word” holds a long, long, history of instrumentality, and was and still almost wholly used in a negative context. That simply is not the case as with the using the “r-word.” Enough with the twisting already. I second Fairman in NOT signing that pledge, and only when hell freezes over…or when connotation has been eclipsed by absolutism, would I ever reconsider the common sense ability to distinguish, DISTINCTION!!

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