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Gansler’s opinion spurs lawmakers to call for referendum

In a literal sense, the attorney general’s opinion on recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere doesn’t change anything. “It’s not self-executing in any way,” said Nancy Polikoff, a professor at American University Washington College of Law who has written and argued cases in support of gay marriage. In a practical sense, though, foes and advocates alike ...

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  1. Nice thing about the AG’s opinion..reaffirms a clear constitutional principle that applies across the board on many issues..if it is legal there..it should be legal here.This opinion not unexpected..but just shows us all that “politics aside” AG is doing what his constitutional oath required him to do.

  2. So by this logic, my Pennsylvania license to carry a concealed weapon must be recognized by Maryland as well?

    Also sounds like a good conflict of interest if the AG argued against a position he is supporting, I hope all attorneys in this state (myself included) will research this and file complaints with the Attorney Grievance Commission, as they has sworn to do.

  3. Burns has the issues confused. Gansler argued against gay marriages performed in Maryland. That was the law then and still is the law. His opinion yesterday says that Maryland could recognize same sex marriages performed in another state. Maryland law is silent on that particular issue. Right now there is no law prohibiting recognition of marriages performed out of state.

  4. The two Delegates who support an impeachment action are barking up the wrong tree. If they are upset at the A.G.’s opinion,( and it is only an opinion) and if they wish to forestall the predicted action by the Court of Appeals, then they should simply exercise the authority they claim has been usurped and introduce legislation banning the recognition they are complaining about and let their colleagues in the General Assembly decide this issue.

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