Md. Senate endorses new license plate slogan

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland drivers may soon advertise the state as the “Home of Our National Anthem.”

The state Senate unanimously approved a bill Friday that would have most plates carry the slogan starting Oct. 1. The measure would exclude special registration plates such as those honoring military service.

Maryland last displayed a slogan on their standard issue license plate in the mid-1980s, celebrating the 350th anniversary of the state’s founding as a colony.

Department of Legislative Services staff say that 33 other states display a slogan or motto on their standard license plates.

Maryland native Francis Scott Key penned “The Star-Spangled Banner” almost 200 years ago after the British attacked Baltimore’s Fort McHenry.

The bill now moves to the House for consideration.


  1. why not forget the front tag? …save $$$–

  2. wow let me guess more tax dollars


    I support this bill and but would like for the state to also add the counties to each plate as residence apply for a license plate. For example, I live in Harford County. I suggest that my county (Harford County) be carried on my license plate when I apply for a new or renewed my license plate.

    I hope my suggestion will be given some consideration. I thank you for the space.

  4. Dwayne Talkington

    Why would you list the county on your license plate? It serves no purpose besides having to have plates made or stickers made for each county. Other states have those stickers because each county has a tax on the plate or inspections on vehicles that varies from county to county in those states. In Maryland this would serve no purpose except letting people be more stuck up. Sorry the state doesn’t need to pay for your vanity, put a sticker on your car if you want to brag about the county you live in…

    As far as Maryland being the home of the National Anthem that isn’t true, we are the home of “Defence of Fort McHenry” which the first verse is the lyrics to the National Anthem, but sadly the music is British, not American at all.

  5. Glad to see The MD Senate is worried about important issues…. like License plates! always a good feeling they are working hard for us!

    If CON is the opposite of PRO.. Does that mean CONGRESS is the opposite PROGRESS??

  6. I think that no meaningful motor vehicle purpose would come from the administrative burden of keeping track of the county of registration, other than perhaps to make it easier for law enforcement to drum up reasons for stops “e.g. I didn’t stop him because he was African-American, I stopped him because he was a Baltimore City resident driving after dark in Baltimore County.” A return to the “sundown town” infamy of many states, where African-Americans could work in a town but not live there (Indiana had more than a few of those.)

    Referencing the Star-Spangled Banner is nice, but probably not a worthwhile use of General Assembly time.

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