eBay de-lists Kevorkian death van

Karen Laszlo stands next to the VW van once owned by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, in Auburn Hills, Mich.

The VW camper van Dr. Jack Kevorkian used during his assisted suicide campaign is no longer listed for sale on eBay after the online auctioneer cited a policy against “murderabilia.”

Current owner Jack Finn put the van on eBay last week. The top bid was $3,400 at 12:30 p.m. EDT Monday, with three days left. But the item wasn’t listed an hour later.

eBay e-mailed Finn about the policy to explain why it pulled the listing. He says he’s now selling the van through Auburn, Ind.-based Kruse Auctions.

Messages seeking comment were left for eBay.

The 82-year-old Kevorkian used the van in several deaths, including the poisoning of an Alzheimer’s patient that launched his public effort in 1990.

Al Pacino plays Kevorkian in the HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack,” which first aired Saturday.

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  1. Ebay is a bunch of hypocrites.
    Ebay forces its own personal and sick agenda onto its customers on its site.
    Ebay is not the correct platform to make rash judgement against people.
    Dr. Jack Kevorkian is not a murderer.

    I have seen time and again ebays pathetic attempt at trying to push its morality onto this country.
    I have seen many Charles Manson item pulled due to its “murderbilia” excuse. From CDs, Records, Shirts and even a shooting target with a drawn picture of Manson on it.
    Charles Manson isnt allowed, nor does he receive monies from these item, as they are being sold by private buyers that have nothing to do with Manson.

    If ebay can pull Kevorkian and Manson items with the “murderbilia” excuse, they should pull everything that has to do with religion, as religion has caused more deaths in this world than any other subject.
    Also, since the U.S. Military is killing civilians every week with their drones, certain military items could be considered “murderbilia”.
    On top of that, what about Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler items??? Hitlers Germany murdered countless people of many faiths. Stalin was even worse, murdering for race and political reasons.

    If ebay can call Kevorkian a murderer, they are ignorant of history.
    Ebay picks and chooses what they pull, it has no real guidelines, besides personal opinion, and when it comes to opinion, Ebay should shut the F%#k up, and leave the opinions to personal beliefs, no on corporate interests.

    Ebay is scum.

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