A letter to a law school graduate

Dear recent law school graduate: Congratulations!  You have completed your law school education, have walked across that stage, received your diploma and are most likely gearing up for a summer of studying for the bar exam. This is a really exciting time and a rite of passage for any attorney.  Soon you will be in the world of Bar Bri and practice exams and studying. After the bar exam, most of you will start your legal careers, either with a law firm, or a clerkship, or working with some sort of governmental agency.  And most of you will be excited for these new challenges.  Please trust me, there will be challenges. When it comes to the economy and available legal employment opportunities, I do not envy you.


  1. Mr. Siri, I really hate to be nitpicky, however, if one is to write a column for print, one must use proper grammar.

    “Find another attorney that you can talk with and ask “stupid” questions. Sometimes the question is actually stupid or easily accessible, but if they are a true mentor, they will help guide you (and keep you away from Bar Counsel).”

    This is improper. Can you figure out why?

  2. Questions are not accessible, rather answers are.

  3. Use of the plural “they” with the singular “mentor” is grammatically incorrect.

  4. Really, Nancy? You took the time to comment on a grammatical error? Nothing more substantive? Your comment didn’t add anything, and you just come off as snarky and petty, whether you intended to or not.

    Anyway, additional advice – keep in touch with good friends from law school, they will cheer your success, commiserate with your disappointments, and stick up for you when you aren’t around!

  5. Nancy, cool it. Yours isn’t perfect, either. For instance, there is no gender-neutral pronoun in English, so your use of “one” is incorrect.

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