The ‘Shaggy defense’ and other pop-culture legal strategies

A recent declaration by our sister publication, Virginia Lawyers Weekly, that the “Shaggy defense” is a term of legal art went national this week. That’s thanks to Slate, the online magazine that picked up a recent VLW story on a U.S. District Court judge’s ruling on a summary judgment motion. In Preston v. Morton, David Morton ...


  1. Great article. The “twinkie” defense is my all time favorite. I have shared this on my facebook page and twitter feed.

    Recently, I had a client charged with cocain who claimed it was a powdered donut (the “powdered donut defense”). As it turns out, he was correct. Analysis of drugs came back “No CDS found”

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Shannon Schiavone

    Very fascinating! The OJ Simpson is by far the most unbelievable defense I’ve seen in my lifetime. A black glove got him acquitted.

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