Last night at The Senator Theatre

Let me start by saying I went to The Senator last night simply to see, for free, a classic film I’d never watched all the way through and to check out what I thought would be a neat event. I didn’t go as a reporter; I didn’t bring a notebook; I didn’t interview former Senator owner Tom Kiefaber (who I’ve actually never spoken to, only read about), and didn’t intend on writing anything until after the whole evening unfolded. Rather, I went dressed in shorts and sneakers with some old family friends and got there only a few minutes before the festivities kicked off, lucky to snag one of the few remaining unclaimed seats in the auditorium. All disclosures and caveats aside, the point is I’m glad I went because how many opportunities do you get to watch Obi-Wan duel Darth Vader for the first time while simultaneously taking part in a memorable episode of Baltimore history?

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  1. Brendan,
    I just stumbled onto this. Thanks for documenting that night in this way. Pretty accurate reporting, and shorts and sneakers may have helped.

    One aspect to note however to clarify re: the BDC [not really the city…] , yes I have some thinly-veiled hostility there for sure. That does not extend to Buzz Cusack though. While it is not widely known, Buzz and I get along well without hostility. I had lunch with him today, as we do now and then. I don’t like his plans for The Senator at all, and we have agreed to disagree in those areas, but to date we are very cordial and are often sized up by others as old friends [and ex rivals.]

    Considering the nature of the issues involved regarding possible modifications planned that I loath, we may not be able to maintain this ongoing friendly relationship, but we have so far and we’ll both try not to “go there” if things get dicey for whatever reason. So far so good though.

    Buzz now has the enormous responsibility and privilege of holding the “maul ball”, a reference to the playground game of my youth where the object is to run down and pummel whoever holds the ball until they are forced to let go of it. While I will resist the temptation to do that, most others won’t ,as I believe Buzz is already noting, and he just got started. It’s like doing open-heart surgery on the president. You do the best you can while many sets of eyes follow your every move, poised to jump in with an opinion of how it should or could be done differently or better. It’s no way to live, that I can tell you.

    And yes, long live The Senator Theatre! Regards, Tom

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