Md. Gov. O’Malley outspent Ehrlich by about $3.5M

ANNAPOLIS — Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley spent about $3.5 million more than Republican former Gov. Robert Ehrlich in Maryland’s governor’s race.

The last fundraising report made public by O’Malley’s campaign on Wednesday shows that the incumbent governor spent about $11.3 million on the race. That compares with about $7.8 million spent by Ehrlich.

Ehrlich, who waited until late March to announce he was running in a rematch against O’Malley, began the race at a huge fundraising disadvantage. Ehrlich started the year with only $141,778 in his campaign account, while O’Malley had about $4.8 million.

O’Malley defeated Ehrlich by 14 percentage points in a race marred by many negative television ads. O’Malley won by 6.5 percentage points in their first race for governor in 2006.

Ehrlich’s campaign reported paying $14,000 in the reporting period to a political operative who says he sent robocalls on Election Day suggesting Democrats didn’t need to vote because O’Malley had already won. The latest payments to Julius Henson’s companies, Universal Elections and Politics Today, were reported in a finance report made public Tuesday. The Washington Post reported that the payments brought the total that Ehrlich’s campaign spent on Henson’s companies to $111,150 this year.

Ehrlich has not commented on the robocalls.

Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler, a Democrat, has filed a civil complaint in federal court, alleging the calls were intended to suppress voter turnout and violated federal law. The complaint alleges more than 112,000 prerecorded calls were made, failing to identify who was responsible for them or provide a phone number as required by law.

Henson has acknowledged responsibility for the calls, which he said were not intended to suppress the vote and that he did not believe they were illegal.


  1. It’s tough to beat a dem who has that kind of money especially since MD is 2/3 democrat. I ovted for Bob and would do so again. He wasn’t the best gov but O’Malley the alley cat has taken more money out of my pocket than Ehrlich did.

  2. I am appalled at how a sitting Governor can sit on money like that while the people he is suppose to serve go without work, education resources, hungry, etc… This proves my theory that politicians are running for themselves, and never doing it “for the people”!!! Shameful! Just Shameful!

  3. OMalley supports CASA who supports ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION in Maryland. This is costing Maryland tax payers OVER a BILION in LOST Taxes and losses of American Jobs. Omally knows Americans are losing jobs because of this but he doesnt care. Omalley even makes sure that Maryland taxes go for “Day Labor” sites so illegals can steal American jobs. Illegal immigration along with crimes directly connected to illegal immigrants cost the live, jobs and taxes of Maryland LEGAL residents EVERY YEAR. Year after year and the numbers of illegals entering Maryland is rapidly growing because OMalley WONT LET ICE/Police arrest and deport these illegal criminals. Heck, OMalley even lets illegals re-new their drivers license so they can continue to illegally obtain tax paid benefits, welfare, housing, public assistance, schooling of their foreign children etc etc etc… Costing YOU and ALL Marylanders billions a year.
    Admin@protectourborder.net http://www.numbersUSA.com http://www.fairus.org

  4. MOM spent 11.3 million on a job that pays what, $150,000. Just goes to show ya how much will be spent to keep the corruption going, here in the bluest of blue states Maryland.

  5. Sorta says to me that MOM spent more to receive less because MOM cares more about making sure things get done the right way, and less about reaping the reward from the task.

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