Getting an interview and getting a job: Interviewing at law firms

I am happy that I have a job (that I enjoy, no less). Call it what you want -- a jungle, a nightmare, a never-ending cycle of rejection –- but the legal job market in today’s economy can be characterized with this single legal term: sucky. Large law firms have cut back the hiring of summer associates (thereby decreasing the number of offers they will make at the end of the year), recent graduates are facing a difficult time finding legal work, and a Boston University Law Student has even written the dean of the school requesting his tuition back because the student cannot find a job (this topic is for another blog). Whatever you want to call it, the legal job market is one tough place right now. I have seen it firsthand, but (fortunately for me) from the other side of the interview table. For the past few years, I've spent many hours interviewing potential candidates for law clerk and associate positions at our firm. Towards the end of last year, the firm decided to begin the process of hiring a litigation associate to help alleviate the workload of our very busy department. So an ad was put out (in The Daily Record, no less) and resumes started coming in. And then more resumes came in. And then more… (you get the picture).

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