Have you claimed your AVVO profile?

A few months ago, at the suggestion of a friend, I visited a website called AVVO – pronounced, “ah-vo”. AVVO rates doctors and attorneys on a scale of 1-10. With a professional look and several attorneys appearing to endorse the website through their participation, clients have little choice but to believe AVVO an accurate assessment of an attorney’s skill.


  1. Lately I’ve had occasion to read about hundreds of lawyers who have been disciplined by their respective bar associations and virtually every one of them has had a perfect Professionalism score on Avvo. Avvo is a well known joke. If your clients take it seriously you need better (and probably more) clients. On the other hand, if you’re just generalizing from a few examples, as I suspect, then this is a non-story.

  2. I think all of this is right. For lots of obvious reasons, the Avvo rating system is not going to provide a great lens to evaluate lawyers. I claimed my profile filled out the information and have a 10 out of 10. Does it follow that I deserve to be a 10? Of course not. But potential clients do use whatever limited information they can get their hands on so it makes sense to do what you can to “play along.”

    This is no knock on Avvo. They have developed a good system for rating lawyers that is probably superior to every other system out there. But it is still awful.

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