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This past weekend, I attended a wedding for a dear high school friend in the city of Seattle. The weather was 72 degrees and sunny the entire time we were there. The culture and fashion were different. The attitudes and personality were more laid-back. Everything moved a lot slower than in Washington, D.C. I could not ...

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  1. I know in MD the attorney exam is considered by some people to be more challenging (because it is open book) BUT it’s only half a day.

    I feel like moving to another state presents another challenge though because depending on your practice area you may be viewed as an inexperienced attorney because of the variations in laws state to state.

    For example, if you have a great deal of criminal experience in MD and even built your own practice, but then move to say… Idaho, no one’s going to care about your MD experience and connections, you now have to learn Idaho’s idiosyncracies. For some practice areas it’s pretty standard, but consider learning a whole new set of laws, being viewed as inexperienced,and losing all of your connections. As a recruiter, these are a few of the challenges I find attorney facing who move to Baltimore from out of state.

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