Car-free and carefree?

Anyone who knows me knows I have awful luck with cars. It seems like every set of wheels I’ve had since I got my license was cursed -- my first car caught fire due to a freak electrical short, another car was hit twice by drivers that didn’t leave notes and I’ve probably had close ...


  1. I have horrible luck with cars too – this week I was HIT by a deer! But despite the difficulties, there is just no easy way to get around Baltimore easily and safely by public transportation. Driving is just unavoidable.

  2. I have been practicing law in Baltimore for over 2 years, and I never use a car unless I’m in court in Annapolis. I find walking from home to work and from work to the courthouses to be very easy. I think the ease of getting around just depends on what neighborhood you call home. Downtown, Otterbein, Fed Hill, and Mount Vernon are all easy walks (or Circulator rides) to downtown firm offices and courthouses.

  3. My husband and I share one car and it works out beautifully. However, we each have zipcar memberships for those extremely rare times that we both need a car on the same day. Reducing down to one car has saved us money and stress.

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