Montessori school to expand into St. Stanislaus

The former St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church in Fells Point, a landmark for working class Polish immigrants for decades, is being converted into an expansion of a private Montessori school, the developer said Tuesday. Now located in the convent building, The New Century School will expand in size and enrollment next fall, said developer Larry Silverstein, of the Union Box Co., owner of the church. Silverstein had tried to sell the church, asking $850,000 for the historic red brick building with a tall steeple that juts into the skyline of Fells Point. But he said there were no buyers, and the school sought to expand, setting up the new development. “We had interest,” Silverstein said, of potential tenants for St. Stanislaus. “We had a bicycle shop, theater groups, a yoga studio and even a mystic. But the deed stated that we could not lease it to any other church groups.”


  1. Has anyone found out what Mr. Silverstein did with the windows? The windows were protected by the historical society! In 2010 he denied knowing where the windows had gone. Although, they were posted on ebay. Disgusted that he could make a dime off the backs of the former worshipers/purchasers of the windows!

  2. Anthony Murawski

    It has been said that the St. Stan’s church windows were in the possession of the Conventual Franciscan Friars, who had been the administrators of the parish when it closed. Who they sold them to, that’s anybody’s guess.

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