2012 Baltimore City tax sale and property list

Click here to see properties with delinquent taxes and municipal liens, located in Baltimore City, that are scheduled for the sealed bid tax sale that will be held on May 21, 2012. Bidding will be conducted via an internet-based online sealed bid sale of tax liens on the city’s website at www.BidBaltimore.com.


  1. I would like the listing

  2. Please send me a list.

  3. I am looking to buy tax sale please send me the listing, thank you.

  4. I would like the listing

  5. I need tax listing to buy a home

  6. Could you please email a copy of the tax sale list? Thanks!

  7. I would like the list as well!

  8. Can you please send me a listing of tax lien properties.

  9. Monyette braxton

    Send me a list please

  10. Please send me the list as well.
    Thank you

  11. Please send a list of tax sale properties

  12. Could you please send me a current copy of the tax sales properties in Baltimore.
    Thank You.

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