In-House Interrogatory

This week is all about rumors and secrets. Asked: Our weekly question to the In-House community The former general counsel of the National Security Agency talked leaks with NPR recently. Joel Brenner talked to the news organization about the recent national security leaks the country has been abuzz about this month. Various news organizations, including The New York Times, published stories with hyper-secret information like the country's drone strike policy, a United States cyberattack against Iran and information about an al-Qaida cell in Yemen. Here's what Brenner had to say: "There are [also] people who leak because the process of being courted by a reporter is so flattering," Brenner told NPR. "It so increases peoples' sense of self-importance that they will want to talk." So, while your company may not deal in secrets that could affect the security of the entire nation, every corporation has information it wants to keep among employees. So, here's our question for you: How do you and your company deal with leaks and employees telling the press or anyone confidential information? Leave a comment below or email me.

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