Monthly Archives: January 2013

Lawyer suspended over connection with loan-modification firm

A longtime Bethesda lawyer with an otherwise unblemished disciplinary record has been suspended indefinitely for misrepresenting to clients that he could help them avoid foreclosure, while he was actually delegating the bulk of the work to a loan-modification business with which he had a consulting agreement.

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The psychology of a fan: TDR talks with an expert

As Baltimore basks in a purple glow ahead of the Ravens’ Super Bowl appearance Sunday, The Daily Record discussed the psychological impact of citywide “Public Displays of Fandom” with Dr. Stephen McDaniel, who studies sports and entertainment marketing and the psychology of sport at the University of Maryland, College Park. (Responses have been edited for length.)

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Editorial: Dram-shop responsibility

Although this week a U.S. District Court jury has ruled that a popular Ocean City nightclub has no legal responsibility for a rape that occurred in its parking lot after bar employees escorted a visibly intoxicated woman outside and left her there alone, the case against Seacrets raises a larger issue: Maryland’s lack of any dram-shop liability law.

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