State police wrongful death trial wrapping up

FREDERICK — A jury in Frederick is hearing closing arguments in a wrongful death trial stemming from a Maryland State Police shooting in Libertytown in 2010.

Attorneys began their summations Friday morning in Frederick County Circuit Court.

Plaintiff Dean Perkins claims Sgt. Eric Corbin was too quick to use deadly force during a confrontation with Perkins’ drunken wife. And he claims police could have saved Veronica Harding-Perkins’ life had they not waited nearly five hours to re-enter the home after the shooting.

Corbin maintains he fired because Harding-Perkins pointed a gun at him. And police say they didn’t try to re-enter the house sooner because they feared she was still capable of shooting.

An assistant state medical examiner testified that Harding-Perkins would have died within minutes from her injuries.

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