1 teen dead after stabbing in downtown Baltimore

A teenage boy has died and two other teenagers were hurt Tuesday in a stabbing downtown.

Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the boy died at Johns Hopkins Hospital the same day thousands of Baltimore Ravens fans were in the city for celebrations for the Super Bowl championship team. One of the other victims was in critical condition at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and Guglielmi said that teen was undergoing surgery.

He said the three victims were 15 and 16 years old. None of them was carrying identification.

The stabbing occurred about 1:30 p.m., about nine blocks from Ravens stadium. That was after a parade for the team, but while many people were still inside the stadium for the end of the celebration. Guglielmi said while there was no information that the stabbings were related to the celebration, “that’s something we want to find out.”

Guglielmi said the stabbing was apparently during a fight and was captured by overhead police cameras. The spokesman said at a news conference Tuesday evening that it was not known if any of the three teens harmed the others or whether another suspect or suspects were involved.

Despite the homicide occurring near such a high-profile event, Guglielmi said, “downtown Baltimore is one of the safest parts of Baltimore and we work hard at it.”

Fans leaving the area had to detour around the scene, where police photographers took pictures and officers placed numbered placards at various points on the ground in front of a McDonald’s. Maggie Beck, 19, of Aberdeen, was one of the fans who passed by while walking from the parade with a friend.

“It’s not stealing my happiness, but it’s sad,” she said. “I’ve got a little brother. That kind of hits home for me.”


  1. give me a break baltimore is s violent that even ata happy time for the city peple are so hateful i can not wait t get ut f here and go t california t be near the peacef the beach

  2. That is sad, During an event that should have brought the city and state together. I admit there are some parts of Bmore but it is like that even on the counties. As for Ms Robinson, you made me laugh If you think California is better ou oviously havn,t done your homework.

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