Mont. Co. store says it sold gun to mall shooter

ROCKVILLE — A Rockville gun shop says it sold the shotgun that police say was used in the deadly shooting at a shopping mall.

Dan Millen, co-owner of United Gun Shop, says 19-year-old Darion Aguilar legally purchased a single-barrel shotgun from the store last month. Police say Aguilar used the gun to kill two employees of a skate store at the Mall in Columbia and then took his own life.

Millen says Aguilar also bought a box of buckshot and birdshot ammunition and returned the store later in the month to buy some more. Millen says Aguilar said the gun was to be used for home defense.

He says there was nothing unusual or alarming about Aguilar’s demeanor.

Police are still investigating a motive for the shooting.

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