Greatest. Lawyer commercial. Ever.

Jamie CasinoJamie Casino is a personal injury lawyer in Savannah, Ga. He created a two-minute commercial that aired locally during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Deadspin says the ad aired during the first commercial break of the game. Above the Law says, based on an email received last week from Casino, the commercial ran during halftime.

Whenever it ran, I think we can all agree it is awesome. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. This may be the most offensive and crass lawyer commercial I have ever seen. Aside from tarring every criminal defense lawyer as unethical, as “representing villains,” as a practice his sense of justice can no longer stomach, his willingness to use the death of his brother as a marketing device is beyond shameless. It’s bad enough that he is another lawyer that embarrasses the legal profession, but getting kudos from the TDR in the process is hard to tolerate.

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