The next best thing to being there

A tour of the Maryland State House isn’t all that unusual. School groups do it pretty regularly in Annapolis with the help of a docent clad in Revolutionary War era clothes.

Legislators will sometimes take special guests around the oldest state house in continuing operation.

Sen. Nancy Jacobs

Sen. Nancy Jacobs takes her granddaughter on a tour of the Maryland State House on Feb. 4, 2014 with an assist from her iPhone. [The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears]

Sen. Nancy Jacobs, R-Harford, took that a step further for her granddaughter with the assistance of technology.

Following session, Jacobs used her iPhone to Facetime (video chat for the Apple uninitiated) with her granddaughter who as enjoying the day off courtesy of all the ice to hit the Maryland area overnight.

There was a quick scan of the Senate chamber where Jacobs has served since 1999.

Jacobs then moved outside the chamber to show the marble stairs to the governor’s offices and the displays honoring where Gen. George Washington resigned his commission from the Continental Army.

“I’m sure you learned about all this in school,” Jacobs said.

But if not, the senator managed to take a day off of school and turn it into a pretty cool technology-assisted teaching moment.

Good job, grandmom er, I mean senator.

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