‘Many are cold, few are frozen’

You may have had the day off work because of the 15 inches of snow (or more) that blanketed the area but the Maryland General Assembly was open (mostly) for business.

Since most legislators spend the night in Annapolis, the General Assembly rarely closes down. In fact, it’s only happened about three times in the last four decades or so.

Sen. Brian E. Frosh

Sen. Brian E. Frosh

The full General Assembly shutdown briefly in 2003 during a severe snowstorm. Then again during the back-to-back Snowmageddon storms in 2010.

This year, most legislators made it to the floor of the House and Senate and voted on bills—45 of 47 state senators and 121 of 147 delegates attended the respective floor sessions Thursday.

Staffers were were given the same liberal leave that other state employees received and most committees cancelled hearings.

Well, except the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Sen. Brian E. Frosh told his committee that they would hold hearings as scheduled—leaving the record open so that people who wanted to testify but couldn’t make it down could do so on Friday—and then the committee would vote on bills.

In explaining the reasoning behind the decision, Frosh offered this:

“Many are cold, few are frozen.”

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