This crime is a gas

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My Grandma Sara had a lot of sayings that doubled as life lessons. “Education is the most important thing,” for one, and “this, too, shall pass,” for another.

But one saying in particular also comes in handy as a defense: “It’s better to bear the shame than bear the pain.”

Which brings us to Fargo, N.D., where an inmate is now facing assault charges after knocking out another inmate for, in part, farting in his cell.

Ahmed Adan punched Timothy Lowseth on Monday, according to charging documents filed Wednesday. According to the charging documents, as quoted in the story:

Adan said for the past three days, Lowseth had been pushing Adan’s buttons by coming into his cell and farting, then leaving. He confronted Lowseth about the repeated farting, asking him if Adan had a personal problem with him or with his skin color. …Lowseth said he admitted to Adan he had farted in the day area of the housing unit, but denied doing so in Adan’s cell.

Lowseth suffered a concussion and lost a tooth. Adan’s next court date is March 19.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(HT: Talking Points Memo via The Big Lead)

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