CinéBistro Replacing Rotunda Cinemas
Exterior photos of the Rotunda just after sunset. Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

CinéBistro Replacing Rotunda Cinemas

Rotunda Cinemas have been a fixture at the Hampden shopping center for years, but it won’t be part of its future.

Hekemian & Co., which is currently redeveloping the Rotunda as a mixed-use development with 379-luxury apartments, will replace the cinemas with a new 35,000-square-foot CinéBistro. The company announced a long term lease on Monday with Cobb Theatres, which will be building the luxury theater that features a “dinner-and-a-movie” concept. The CinéBistro will be a seven screen theater, with stadium seating that serves dinner and cocktails before a show.

“It’s more of an adult concept,” said Chris Bell, Hekemian & Co.’s senior vice president of development.

But Rotunda Cinemas, which along with Rite Aid are the only businesses operating at the Rotunda,  will remain open until the new theater is operational in a new building at the rear of the property. Bell said they have no ideas yet about what will happen to the space currently occupied by Rotunda Cinemas.

“There’s a lot of potential uses for it, lots of good potential uses for it, but it’s not a retail space,” he said.

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