A most unfortunate drunk dial

I don’t know Mrs. Carlos Bueno Mir of West Palm Beach, Fla., but I imagine she’s not too happy right now.

Mr. Bueno Mir was arrested Monday for falsely calling 911 seven times in four hours. The first time police arrived at his house, an apparently intoxicated Bueno Mir told officers his wife had “thrown out his beer,” according to WPBF-TV.

(I’m not trying to pick on Florida, I swear.)

“The officers instructed him that his situation was not an emergency and was advised to not call 911 unless there was an emergency,” according to the police report said.

The second time Bueno Mir called 911, he would not say what his emergency was. But the third time, he had a crisis: “a female outside had broken into two of his beers,” according to the police report.

So, to recap, not only did Bueno Mir get arrested, but he was arrested after trying to have police arrest his wife.

The criminal justice system will punish Bueno Mir, but I have a feeling whatever Mrs. Bueno Mir has in store for her husband will be much, much worse.

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