Calif. man pleads guilty for role in 2009 fake carjacking killing

A California man pleaded guilty on Monday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore for his part in the death of another man’s wife in Kent County that was staged to look like a carjacking. Dellando Recardo Campbell, 31, of Lemoore, California, pleaded guilty to interstate domestic violence resulting in the death of a spouse. Campbell was found via DNA from blood he purposely left inside a car and on items belonging to Serika Dunkley Holness. The DNA went into the national data base, and Campbell was linked with the 2009 killing after he was arrested in California on an unrelated matter. According to his plea agreement, Serika Dunkley and her husband, Ryan Dave Holness, and Campbell had driven from New York to Crumpton, where Serika Holness was killed. Ryan Holness and Campbell combined to make it seem she had been the victim of a carjacker. Holness was convicted of the killing in 2011 and is serving a life sentence.

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