BGE offers ‘Wires Down’ contest again

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. has announced the launch of its third annual Wires Down Video Challenge to raise awareness about the importance of electrical safety among elementary school-aged children. From Sept. 8 until Nov. 14, elementary students in public and private schools across BGE’s electric service area may submit 30- to 45-second videos of their interpretation of BGE’s “Wires Down” electrical safety commercial for the chance to win up to $10,000 to fund a school-enrichment program. At least one winning school will be chosen from each participating county. Since inception of the Wires Down Video Challenge, BGE has awarded $50,000 to 19 schools. The best video in each county wins $1,000, with $3,000 each for best musical performance, most creative and most effort, $5,000 for the Spotlight Award and $10,000 for the Star Power Award, the overall winner.

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