Reach out and touch some moon jelly
Rendering of the Living Seashore exhibit from the National Aquarium.

Reach out and touch some moon jelly

The National Aquarium has plans in the works to bring the mid-Atlantic seashore even closer to Maryland’s visitors.

The aquarium announced Monday that it will open the Living Seashore exhibit in the spring of 2015.

The 2,700 square-foot, $5.5 million exhibit will use more than half of the budget for the aquarium’s infrastructure upgrade.  It will feature more than 150 mid-Atlantic animals like horseshoe crab, sea urchin, Atlantic stingray and moon jellies.

Adventurous visitors will be able to touch some of these creatures in their two 5,331-gallon salt water touchpools.

“The Mid-Atlantic seashore is a local aquatic treasure, and a seemingly familiar place to many,” said John Racanelli, CEO of the National Aquarium. “But, as our guests will soon discover, fascinating stories await them; stories of the secret lives of seashore animals and plants, as well as the people who are dedicated to keeping our beaches and coast healthy.”

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