Executive Secretary (Attorney) — Commission on Judicial Disabilities — Maryland Judiciary


Executive Secretary (Attorney)
Commission on Judicial Disabilities
Maryland Judiciary

The Executive Secretary (Attorney) serves at the pleasure of the Commission on Judicial Disabilities and provides legal advice in regard to cases under review and decisions rendered by the Commission. Upon the request of the Chair of the Commission or Commission members, the Executive Secretary (Attorney) conducts legal research and prepares Memoranda related to cases under review of the Commission, drafts hearing decisions, prepares pre-hearing and hearing documents and represents the Commission in court proceedings. Serves as secretary to the Commission and Board in preparing the meeting agenda, attending meetings, taking notes and drafting meeting minutes for approval by Board and Commission Members. Assists in the preparation of the Annual Report of the Commission to file with the Court of Appeals upon approval of Chair. Briefs and responds to media inquiries and complaints concerning decisions delivered by the Commission. Assists the Investigative Counsel with maintaining and updating the department’s website. Provides feedback to inquiries from the Judicial Nominating Commission, in accordance with Maryland Rule 16-810(b)(3), pertaining to the Commission’s judicial disciplinary and disability history with judges seeking nominations, appointments or approvals. Updates the Commission Member Guide and Board Member Guide. Travels throughout the state to attend meetings. Performs other duties and assignments as requested by the Chair and Commission Members.

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