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Law digest: 5/23/11
Posted by: Daily Record Staff on 2011-05-22
MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Professional Responsibility, Disbarment: Disbarment was the appropriate sanction for an attorney who assisted the children of an incompetent person in the execution and recording of forged and fraudulent documents. Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Coppola, Misc. Docket AG No. 5, Sept. Term, 2010. RecordFax No. 11-0429-20. Professional Responsibility, Disbarment:…
Law Digest
Posted by: admin on 2008-03-31
MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Criminal Procedure, Definition of “crime”  for compensation program: Language in CP §11-801(d), defining “crime” for purposes of criminal injuries compensation program, permits claim for injuries to motorist resulting from non-intentional conduct by a pedestrian or bicyclist that constitutes misdemeanor traffic offense under motor vehicle code. Opert v. Criminal Injuries Compensation…
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Judgment against Grasonville accountant affirmed
Posted by: Steve Lash on 2011-05-16
A federal appeals court has upheld a Grasonville accountants conviction for helping prepare false tax returns, even though the trial judge made repeated and improper references to the earlier guilty pleas of the accountants clients. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the evidence that Joseph Poole turned a blind eye to the tax…
Opinions – 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: 5/23/11
Posted by: Daily Record Staff on 2011-05-22
Criminal Procedure Tax fraud BOTTOM LINE: Where, in criminal tax prosecution, district court judge made repeated references to guilty pleas entered by defendants associates, references constituted trial error because pleas were not in evidence, but, since error was harmless, judgment of the district court was affirmed. CASE: United States v. Poole, No. 09-5128 (decided…
Legal Opinions – U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals
Posted by: admin on 2008-03-31
Civil Procedure Res judicata BOTTOM LINE: Petitioner’s claim was barred by res judicata as holding in a prior suit that a statute was not constitutionally deficient constituted a final judgment on the merits. CASE: Laurel Sand & Gravel, Inc. v. Shari T. Wilson, No. 07-1046 (decided: Mar. 5, 2008) (Judges Niemeyer, GREGORY & Jones…
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