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  • Tax on exercise, or religious infringement?

    Tax on exercise, or religious infringement?

    Take a deep breath, Marylanders, and move into a downward dog. Because unless you practice yoga (or go to any health club or gym) in the nation's capital, the “yoga tax” you may have heard of has nothing to do with you.

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Robert N. Cantor: Making adjustments to financial statements

Valuations are necessary for a variety of reasons, but most commonly they are completed for mergers and acquisitions, tax or litigation purposes.

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Should your company use non-compete agreements?

For many companies, non-compete agreements are employed to protect intellectual property, client information, trade secrets, business plans, etc.

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C. Fraser Smith: How Brown could lose

Imagine it’s Nov. 5. You just woke up to Maryland’s version of the Eric Cantor story. Republican Larry Hogan is governor-elect of Maryland.

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Steven I. Platt: Media should scrutinize – and explain

In recent years, courts have been faced with an ever-rising tide of litigation. Many of the issues raised by a good portion of this litigation go to the very heart of our political, economic, social and cultural order.

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