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  • Choose your own Scalia insult

    Choose your own Scalia insult

    “Pure applesauce.” “Jiggery-pokery.” Comparable to “the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.” How’s that for a sampling of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s thoughts on ...

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C. Fraser Smith: An odd race for the White House

This year’s GOP presidential primary looks like an overloaded raft of laughing teenagers with a sign saying, “Always Room for One More.”

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Letter to the Editor: Repeal the Baltimore container tax

What will it take for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and the Baltimore City Council to realize that it is their very own policies that are ...

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Donald C. Fry: We must stop killing each other

Until this city can get a handle on homicides and shootings, the contagion of fear and ill-ease that stalks Baltimore’s reputation as a safe place to come study, work or run a business will persist.

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Editorial Advisory Board: Attorney Grievance Commission needs additional powers

We believe that the Attorney Grievance Commission must have the power to stop disbarred lawyers from continuing to practice law and those activities reasonably related thereto, where there is any possibility those services will be provided to consumers other than lawyers.

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