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Human trafficking: Danger grows in our own backyard

Victims of human trafficking are often thrust into this criminal activity by deception or blackmail, with the perpetrators targeting vulnerable populations — generally females between the ages of 14-21, often with backgrounds that include early childhood trauma, a history of being sexually assaulted, witnessing community violence or parental neglect.

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Legislation Watch: Estate planning strategies under attack in recent budget proposals

The Obama Administration’s 2015 budget contained several proposals addressing estate and gift tax planning that were carried over from the 2014 proposals. Taxpayers considering any ...

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Same-sex prenups: Consider this before the nuptials

Same-sex prenups: Consider this before the nuptials

The legalization of same-sex marriage in Maryland went into effect on Jan. 1, 2013 after a voter referendum. Just six months later, on June 26, ...

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Carol G. Cooper and F. Kirk Kolodner: Spotlight on “Twilight” Alimony

Establishing, modifying or terminating alimony can be challenging, especially when one or both parties is approaching retirement age.

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