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Child Advocacy: New law provides increased protection from abuse to children

In Maryland, the legal presumption is that reunification with a parent or guardian is in a child’s best interest when a child has been removed ...

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Commentary: Maryland should adopt the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act

In 1983 the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) approved the Uniform Premarital Agreements Act (UPAA). Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia enacted the UPAA, although ...

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Child advocacy: A safety plan is not a custody order

Family law and child abuse and neglect cases can be intertwined and can cause an already complex and high tension custody and divorce matter to ...

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Coach’s Corner: How to protect your firm’s data

You know you need to do it, but how? Law firms are rife with data and files, and they must be protected. That’s a given. The specifics, however, often elude lawyers.

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