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Report: Demand for law firms still stagnant

MINNEAPOLIS – A decade after the subprime mortgage crisis sent shockwaves across the global economy and upended an unprecedented run of prosperity for the legal profession, many law firms are still struggling to adjust to stagnant demand for their services ...

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‘Web bugs’ latest tech-worry for lawyers

‘Insofar as the tracking device allows the sending lawyer to intrude upon the attorney’s work product by tracking the attorney’s use of that document, it constitutes an unwarranted intrusion into the attorney-client relationship,’ the Alaska Bar Association concluded in a recent opinion on the use of ‘web bugs.’ (Thinkstock)

BOSTON – Tech-savvy lawyers may find it irresistibly clever to use secretly embedded “web bugs” to track their emails to opposing counsel, but beware: Such shenanigans probably run afoul of professional rules of conduct. Legal ethicists across the country are ...

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