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Sick daze

It’s that time of year again: everyone I know is sick, myself included. Working in the courthouse is almost like working in a school — it feels like every pen, door handle and elevator button is covered in germs and, ...

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Occupy law schools?

Earlier this week, as I watched news footage of scores of people dressed as zombies protesting on Wall Street, I couldn’t help but think, “What a bunch of looney tunes.” I found it hard to take seriously a protest that ...

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Playing the ‘lawyer card’

When I was in law school, one of my first-year professors regaled us with many lawyer tales, including one about a confrontation he had with a dry cleaner. His dry cleaner allegedly ruined a suit and refused to compensate him ...

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Clerking after working

On Monday I started a state circuit court clerkship after a year of working in private practice. Admittedly this is a non-traditional route, as judicial clerks at the circuit court level are typically new law school grads. Clerking after working ...

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Firm events: Party early, party often

This week, I attended a firm party held at one of the partner’s houses. The party was to celebrate the softball team’s advancing to the lawyer league playoffs. When the email invitation went out, I eagerly accepted because I find ...

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The bar exam — one year later

Earlier this week, hundreds of lawyers-to-be feverishly typed on computers and scribbled in blue books, all while trying not to let the enormity of the task at hand overwhelm them. A year ago, I too was sitting in the Thurgood ...

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