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An Apple a day

I recently replaced my archaic BlackBerry Curve with a brand-new, white iPhone4. At the time, I thought I was on the cutting edge of technology. I need to remember that can never be the case in this day and age. ...

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Fudging the numbers

A couple weeks ago, my undergraduate alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, had to launch an investigation into the LSAT and GPA numbers the law school reported to the American Bar Association about its incoming Class of 2014. ...

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Moving your practice

This past weekend, I attended a wedding for a dear high school friend in the city of Seattle. The weather was 72 degrees and sunny the entire time we were there. The culture and fashion were different. The attitudes and ...

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Raise your right paw …

Anyone who knows me is very aware of the close bonds (aka “obsession”) I have with my two dogs, Dexter and Luca. When I first meet someone, it is virtually impossible to avoid their introduction in our conversation. The dog ...

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Why numbers sometimes lie

Someday, I promise to write about something that is not inextricably entwined with my own Asian background, but today will not be that day. At the end of 2010, the results of international standardized tests through the Program for International ...

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