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Bar Exam Redux

As much as it pains me to say it, it’s true: In six weeks I will sit for the Pennsylvania Bar Examination. No, I’m not moving to Pennsylvania. What happened is my firm recently opened an office in Philadelphia and I’ve been ...

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Electronic case filing in Maryland?

Based upon some quick research I did, it looks as though there are 14 state court systems actively utilizing electronic case filing, including the District of Columbia.  Additionally, almost every federal jurisdiction has electronic case filing through the now well-known ...

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I’m Back

In the past 10 days I’ve received numerous e-mails from friends, colleagues and previously anonymous readers asking why it’s been almost a month since my last blog post.  All of those e-mails brought a huge smile to my face, and ...

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March Madness

Today is March 9, 2010. If my calculations are correct, the Maryland General Assembly has 35 days left in this year’s legislative session. March madness indeed. (I apologize if you were expecting this blog post to be about the NCAA ...

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Olympic Lawsuit?

I am a big fan of the Winter Olympics.  I look forward to it every four years.  My favorite events are downhill skiing, hockey and curling (yes, I find curling to be incredibly engaging and fascinating).  Unfortunately, the 2010 version ...

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Representing Mom in Court

My early career has been chock full of pressure packed situations.  It sort of comes with being a young medical malpractice attorney.  Yet, nothing could prepare me for what I had to handle last week – representing my mother in ...

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