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I’m out of the office

This post at The Juggle brought to the surface an issue to which I hadn’t previously given much thought, but should have. What are you trying to communicate in your out-of-office message? First, the basics: (1) For how long will ...

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A two-week vacation: Yay or nay?

Do you take a one week summer vacation or a more extended one? I’m considering doing two weeks next year and I have been thinking about how that interacts with work commitments. For the past few years, we’ve rented a house for one week ...

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Maternity work clothes 101

This blog post in The Juggle made me recall fondly my days of wearing maternity clothes. Ok, not so much. I’ve been through two pregnancies while working and lived through just about every season while having to wear those dreaded ...

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My one and only court appearance

When I was a young associate, the opportunity to represent an even younger art student in a pro bono case against her landlord presented itself. The landlord was withholding her security deposit alleging that she had caused damage to the apartment. She ...

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And she’s funny to boot

Elena Kagan is funny. At least “funnier” – compared with the other nominees I’ve seen grilled by the members of the Senate. If you have spent a little time watching the coverage of the hearings, I am sure you have ...

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Travel Tips

My work travel goes in waves. Sometimes I travel quite a bit (once a month or so) and sometimes it is less frequent than that. Over the years though, I’ve taken a lot of trips and built up a good deal of ”travel” ...

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Selfishness (or not)

Some of you may (or may not) recall that my New Year’s resolution was to run in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. On April 11, I met my goal.  I was no Joan Benoit Samuelson (who, by the way, at age ...

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The misuse of “Reply All”

I originally thought I would write this blog post about the overuse of the infamous “Reply All” feature.  We’ve all been party to one of those emails – someone says something rude about someone else on an original email chain ...

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Taking a page from Justice O’Connor

When President Obama nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, I was overjoyed. A woman and a minority — ’bout time, I thought. I truthfully didn’t think he’d nominate another woman — not sure why, but I didn’t. So ...

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