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A green-er fleet

When folks talk about efficient government, they might not be referring to lower taxes. Are Maryland taxpayers willing to pay more to make the state as “green” as it can be? At the next meeting of the state Board of ...

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Odors unleashed

When Maryland’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants takes effect next year, patrons and bar-owners could be in for an unpleasant (smelling) surprise. British media outlets are reporting that a recent smoking ban there had the unintended consequence of ...

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A mom who rocks

It’s Virgin Festival Eve and it’s the hottest night of the year… 90 degrees at 9PM… I’m 50 years old, I’ve been going to rock concerts since Alice Cooper was considered scary and cutting edge and tomorrow I am going ...

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Growing bald

I live in a condo in downtown Bethesda, one of the most urban areas in Maryland. The building I live in is relatively new, with all the cushy amenities we’ve come to view as standard (and a swimming pool, to ...

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Notes from the floor

It’s smaller than it appears to be on television. And older! And the room itself is so packed with computer monitors, screens, video equipment, systems and other electronics that it is almost overwhelming. Thursday morning, I had the chance to ...

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Decline and Fall

I woke up this morning wondering how long it would it would take to see the effects of Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of The Wall Street Journal. I didn’t have long to wait. When I opened my front door, my Journal ...

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