Slew of Companies Jumping on the Linux Free-Code Bandwagon

As the new kid on the block, the Linux computer operating system once had few friends besides the stereotypical technology geek whose idea of fun was spending hours rewriting software code.<@SM><@SM><TAB>But as that same kid begins to gather dozens of new electronic toys around it, Linux has suddenly become part of the in crowd

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MasterCard Sues Candidate Nader,

Ralph Nader, who was a skinny, unknown crusader against an auto giant until General Motors put a detective on his trail 35 years ago, reveled in the role of corporate victim again last night, the target of a $5 million corporate lawsuit.<@SM><@SM><TAB>MasterCard International Inc. company accused Nader, the presidential candidate of the Green Party, of trademark infringement in the Greens

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<b><u>Sylvan Goes Dutch</u></b><@SM><@SM><i>Baltimore-Based Firm Begins Auction For as Many as 6M Common Shares</i><@SM><@SM><TAB><b>Sylvan Learning Systems Inc.</b> began a Dutch auction for up to 6 million common shares, about 14.3 percent of its outstanding stock.

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