Fired, Then Sued, by an Ex-Client? It’s OK to Bring in the New Lawyer

Ever taken a case after the client fired a previous lawyer? Chances are, if you thought about your predecessor suing you at all, you were thinking about a fee dispute.<br /><br />Think again. If the client sues the first lawyer for negligence, you could face an action for contribution or indemnity under Maryland’s Uniform Contribution Among Tort-Feasors Act (UCATA), the Court of Appeals said yesterday.

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Virginia Blue Crab Market Faces Cheaper International Competition

Many retailers who used to stock cans of Chesapeake Bay crab meat are switching to foreign products, largely because supplies from places such as Thailand and Ecuador are cheaper and more reliable.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The shift to imported crab meat started several years ago as blue crab stocks in the Chesapeake and North Carolina estuaries began to suffer. The move now is having significant economic consequences, according to Virginia seafood regulators, commercial fishermen and at least one local crab processor.

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