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Steven I. Platt: Make Congress stick to the subject

As the executive and legislative branches of our federal government approach yet another “crisis” that they created by setting up a partial government shutdown of one of our most important departments — Homeland Security — our “leaders” are, as usual, spending too much time developing talking points and not enough time figuring out how to make our increasingly fragile representative democracy work.

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Stephen H. Sachs: Washington’s Birthday, 1961

They pop up like early crocuses — king-size newspaper ads and TV commercials touting sales on stuff like furniture, bedding, clothing and washing machines, all to celebrate “President’s Day,” that anodyne holiday that amalgamates the birthdays of presidents Lincoln and Washington.

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Donald C. Fry: Going to school on education cuts

Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed operating budget for Fiscal Year 2016 has triggered anguish and concern expressed by advocates in news reports and in media commentary over proposed cuts to state funding for education, particularly in Baltimore city and Prince George’s County, two of the state’s largest school districts.

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