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Veronica Cool: Of Oscars and wage inequality

From sweeping gowns to wage equality, huh? Who knew that the Oscars were a platform for social change? Patricia Arquette received rousing support from JLo and Meryl Streep, among many others, for her wage equality speech. Women earn 77 cents on the dollar, per the 2012 U.S. Census, unchanged since 2007.

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Barry F. Rosen: Immunize against HIPAA flu

In December 2013, the Office of Civil Rights of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, the agency charged with enforcing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (commonly known as HIPAA), imposed a $150,000 penalty for alleged HIPAA violations against a dermatology practice, APDerm. The case is especially instructive for health care providers of all sizes.

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Steven I. Platt: Make Congress stick to the subject

As the executive and legislative branches of our federal government approach yet another “crisis” that they created by setting up a partial government shutdown of one of our most important departments — Homeland Security — our “leaders” are, as usual, spending too much time developing talking points and not enough time figuring out how to make our increasingly fragile representative democracy work.

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Stephen H. Sachs: Washington’s Birthday, 1961

They pop up like early crocuses — king-size newspaper ads and TV commercials touting sales on stuff like furniture, bedding, clothing and washing machines, all to celebrate “President’s Day,” that anodyne holiday that amalgamates the birthdays of presidents Lincoln and Washington.

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