Here’s to party elites

Jack LB Gohn

In this column, as I’ve often stated, I write about law and policy, not politics. Yet there is such a thing as the law and policy of politics. The primaries and conventions we’ve just lived through have certainly provided some ...

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Housing fairness in Baltimore County

Joe Nathan Big

The Community Development Network of Maryland, a nonprofit advocacy group, won an award in 2014. The Innovation Award, conferred by a group within the National Association of Counties, recognized CDN in connection with the group’s “Consider the Person” campaign. This ...

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So what are we going to do?

Fraser Smith Big

Being arrested while black is no new thing. Carl J. Murphy, editor and publisher of The Baltimore Afro-American newspaper, was arrested on the front lawn of his house in Baltimore. Arrested for trespassing. He’d gone outside to attend to something ...

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